Research Interest

Radiation-induced changes in the adult neurogenesis and cognitive functions

Cognitive health of an organism is considered to be maintained by the capacity of hippocampal precursors to proliferate and differentiate (Manda & Reiter, Prog.Neurobiol (2009). Environmental stressors including ionizing radiation have been shown to inhibit neurogenesis and are associated with the onset of cognitive impairments (Manda et al 2009, J. Pineal Res). Evidences have been gathered showing that radiation-induced augmentation of free-radical levels and an impaired antioxidant pool are important factors underlying the pathophysiological mechanisms in a variety of neurocognitive impairments. We are investigating the beneficial effect of various blood-brain-barrier permeable antioxidants like- α-lipoic acid, melatonin and its metabolites against low LET as well as high LET radiation-induced neurocognitive dysfunctions.

Preclinical Behavioral Neurophycopharmacology

We have conceptualized , standardized and established a state of art preclinical behavioral core for the assessment of behavioral functions in the rodents

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